about i am not okay with this

I Am Not Okay With This is a television series based on the comic by Charles Forsman about a teenage girl discovering her supernatural abilities.

Sydney and her family is suffering the loss of her father, who had committed suicide. Sydney struggles with this loss amidst being a typical teenage girl at odds with her mother, awkward with herself, and secretly (even to herself, for a while) in love with her best friend.

She soon befriends a boy named Stanley, who witnesses her abilities and seeks to help her harness them, believing she is a superhero. Stanley has a rocky home life and is often treated badly by his father, so he looks to focus on his own life goals.

Sydney's best friend Dina gets a boyfriend, who isn't a very good guy... Soon this is revealed. However, Sydney doesn't reveal her secret to Dina, as she doesn't want to be viewed as a "freak"... and she is afraid of her own abilities.

Sydney also has a little brother she tries to help but makes matters worse. She is often left to care for him as her mother is always working to support them. She tries to be as good a sister as she can

Balancing all of this in her teen life can be seen as a parallel to her supernatural abilities and the stresses resulting in explosions of emotions. Sydney hopes to control her life and her abilities before it ends her as it did her father...

The Cast:
Sophia Lillis ... Sydney Novak
Wyatt Oleff ... Stanley Barber
Sofia Bryant ... Dina
Kathleen Rose Perkins ... Maggie Novak
Richard Ellis ... Brad Lewis
Zachary S Williams ... Ricky Berry
Aidan Wojtak-Hissong ... Liam Novak
David Theune ... Mr. File
Sophia Tatum ... Jenny Tuffield
Gregg Daniel ... Mr. Whitaker